What is SAD, and Why is it Important to Not Ignore it!

S.A.D: Seasonal affective disorder

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”
― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

I love hearing the Sandhill Cranes as they migrate overhead high in the autumn skies. The Sandhill Crane’s call is a loud, rolling, trumpeting sound. For me that is the sound of longing, as those amazing birds answer that innate ‘call’, and fly long distance on their migration journey.

I love Autumn, it is a time of change; shedding, closing, going inward, ending, preparing for the winter and the end of the year, it is also such a beautiful and special time to slow down and reflect.


“Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.”
― Lauren DeStefano, Wither

In the Jewish traditions, fall is a time of beginning and renewal, that is when the Jewish New Year, ‘Rosh Hshannah’  is celebrated. Autumn is when you harvest the field and prepare for winter.  Yom Kippur, is also part of the high holidays of Autumn, Yom Kippur is the day of Atonement and it is about pardon and forgiveness. It is a tradition to go to the river and throw away ‘the old’, and invite the new for the New Year. Another tradition of the New Year is to eat an apple with honey to invite the new year to be as sweet as honey…

“You expected to be sad in the fall. Part of you died each year when the leaves fell from the trees and their branches were bare against the wind and the cold, wintery light…”
― Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast

I often talk to my clients around this time of year about a certain kind of sadness that starts to show up in Autumn. According to the Mayo Clinic ‘Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that’s related to changes in seasons — SAD begins and ends at about the same times every year. If you’re like most people with SAD, your symptoms start in the fall and continue into the winter months, making you feel sad and moody. Less often, SAD causes depression in the spring or early summer.’

It is important to not overlook S.A.D., as it can be debilitating and cause worrisome symptoms.  Don’t brush off that yearly feeling as simply a case of the “winter blues” or a seasonal funk that you have to tough out on your own. Take steps to keep your mood and motivation steady throughout the year.  Treatment for SAD may include light therapy (phototherapy), psychotherapy and medications.

According to a Psychology Today   article, The cause for SAD is unknown. One theory is that it is related to the amount of melatonin in the body, a hormone secreted by the pineal gland. Darkness increases the body’s production of melatonin, which regulates sleep. As the winter days get shorter and darker, melatonin production in the body increases and people tend to feel sleepier and more lethargic.

Besides ‘Light Therapy’, Self-Care to deal with SAD may include:Fall Colors

  • Monitor your mood and energy level
  • Take advantage of available sunlight
  • Plan pleasurable activities for the winter season
  • Plan physical activities
  • Approach the winter season with a positive attitude
  • When symptoms develop seek help sooner rather than later
  • Do not overlook S.A.D, it can be more serious if not treated.


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