Infidelity – a Deal Breaker – or – a Game Changer ?

Out Beyond Ideas of Right Doing.. and Wrong Doing.. There Is A Field.. I’ll Meet You There..   ~ Rumi. Why Infidelity? I know it is almost Valentine’s Day and I should be writing my blog about hearts and flowers and chocolates, but I am a couples therapist… and I lead couples workshops… and many times I hold space for…

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Signing up for a couple’s workshop can be intimidating

How can a couples workshop (or couples therapy) help my relationship? Are you ready to experience a stronger couple connection?  Are you and your partner caught in endless cycles of the same fights with different topics or narratives? In the past few weeks I have had many inquiries about the Hold Me Tight workshop and “how does it work”? Perhaps understanding what we…

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Touched or Devastated by Infidelity?

Can We Be Monogamous? The most common trouble that couples bring into therapy is the issue of infidelity. Sexual affair, emotional affairs, betrayals, long-time or one night stands, it is all about the bond of trust being broken. And it is always painful. Many have been touched by affairs of parents, friends or other family members. We frequently see it in the movies and…

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