The darkest day of the yea

Bringing Light to the Darkest Day of the Year

Recently I had my own dark night. Not heeding my own ‘advice’ about coping with holiday stress, I tried to power through all the symptoms of what I thought was a flu, only to find myself diagnosed with pneumonia.. It was scary. I have never been that sick, and felt that darkness of helplessness and needing to rely on others…

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Halloween- the beginning of the Holiday Season

I Always Wanted to be a Flight Attendant-and Coping with Holiday Stress

I love Halloween, it is such a beautiful time of the year, as leaves change colors, and the the skies change dramatically with the weather shifts. Here in Nevada City CA, Halloween is celebrated with lots of festivities and lots of grown-ups dress-ups.. I have always said that when the world will be ‘a perfect place’, and my work as…

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