Hold Me Tight Couples Workshop

Hold Me Tight® Couples Workshop

Couples weekend retreat. Nevada City, California How can a private, intensive, relationship enhancement workshop, couples retreat help my relationship? Hold Me Tight® Relationship Workshop ARE you LONGING for CONNECTION, better communication , romance, and  INTIMACY? BUT instead you: • Have recurring fights without resolution.. • Lack affection, intimacy or sex.. • Feel alone, lonely, or betrayed.. Do You want to…

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Signing up for a couple’s workshop can be intimidating

How can a couples workshop (or couples therapy) help my relationship? Are you ready to experience a stronger couple connection?  Are you and your partner caught in endless cycles of the same fights with different topics or narratives? In the past few weeks I have had many inquiries about the Hold Me Tight workshop and “how does it work”? Perhaps understanding what we…

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