How to Get it 'Right' on Valentine Day

How to Get it ‘Right’ on Valentine’s Day..

As soon as January rolls in, the shelves in the grocery store fill up with Valentine’s Day ‘goodies’… pink bears, heart shaped chocolate boxes, chocolate roses, flowers, cards… all reminding us NOT to forget our loved ones on Valentine’s Day… Getting it ‘right’ on Valentine’s Day can be tricky.. so ‘How Do I Get it Right’? How do I let…

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New-Year's Resolutions

Is One of Your New-Year’s Resolutions – A Fulfilling Relationship?

Happy New-Year to all of us!  May 2018 bring satisfying and fulfilling Love!! Its the New Year. We hopefully wake up on the morning of January 1, 2018, with feelings that here is a New-Year, and with the desire and belief that maybe, this time, we can somehow ‘turn our life around’… Whether it is a resolution or hope, some…

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