It is Spring Time… and Sex is in the air

“Come to the orchard in Spring.
There is light and wine, and sweethearts
in the pomegranate flowers.


If you are like me, as soon as that spring energy starts to buzz in the air.. there is that sense of renewal and aliveness, and with it, renewed energy for intimacy and sexuality. It is like the whole world is awakened from a long winter hibernation, and everything and everybody around us is ‘doing it’

Yes. Spring is here, no question.. the flowers are bursting with colors, the poppies are flaming the hillside, the bees and hummingbirds and all kind of bugs, are humming in frenzy, the sacred Yuba River is flowing with thunder of abundance with all that water. Nature is alive. And so are we.  As we awake from our long winter dormancy, we humans, also start buzzing with that powerful force of nature’s sexual energy.

We humans respond to our DNA’s ancient call to find a mate, copulate, have sex, and reproduce; we uniquely also answer to our special human form of the call of ‘spring’; to partner, to pair-bond, to fall in love, to make love.

It’s the power of sex, love and connection. It is the origin of us. It is the force of nature working through our bodies, calling us to listen and to dial into its omnipotent potential. When we are connected to our partner in sex, we are open, naked, vulnerable, we let someone in, we allow the other to touch us, caress our naked body, penetrate us, become one with us.  It is ultimately, a heightened, highly aware sense of pleasures. Many who talk about different forms of spiritual ecstasy, use similar language to our erotic sexual experiences.

In her article, Love’s Evolver, about Sex and spring, Maryanne Fisher PhD., writes,

“Many of us have heard the saying that, “In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love” from the famous poet, Alfred Lord Tennyson. And, just like trees coming alive or flowers waking from their winter dormancy, many of us probably notice that the people around us seem more interested in romance, flirt more, and are more prone to want to engage in sexual activity.”

In another article, 13 Reasons Why Spring Sex Is So Hot -The best sex of your whole year begins now,  Spring is here, which means it’s time to pack up your puffer coats and throw on some lacy lingerie. And just in case your libido has been hibernating all winter, allow us to remind you what it’s been missing. Here are 13 reasons why spring sex is pretty fantastic.”

When I sit in my office with my clients, at our therapy sessions, weather it is a couple, or an individual, a teenager, or an 85 year-old, chances are, that no matter what the ‘presenting problem is’, at some point in the session and the conversation, the subject will be ‘SEX‘.Waking Up to Your Full Sexual Potential by Dalia Anderman, MFT

At times sex is  ‘Sacred Energy eXchange‘, that potion of passion and desire, sweetness and calm; that magic that lift us up, BUT it can all too soon become it’s opposite; the source of pain, jealousy, despair, and hopelessness.  How is it that sex can tap into our most sublime states, and at the same time also be the root of our pain and disappointment.

As Sue Johnson explains in Hold Me Tight, ‘it is the person we love most in the world, the one who can send us soaring joyfully into space, is also the one person who can send us crashing back to the earth. All it takes is a certain look or a careless remark. There is no closeness without this sensitivity. If our connection with our mate is safe and strong, we can deal with these moment of sensitivity. Actually, we can use them to bring our partners even closer. But when we don’t feel safe and connected, these moments are like a spark in a tinder forest. They set fire to the whole relationship’.

And for those of you who spring also bring the wish for a renewal of your relationship, we are offering our next Hold Me Tight workshop, Saturday and Sunday, June 24-25, 2017, in Nevada City CA. 

Though I lead this workshop regularly, it’s always a renewed, compelling experience for me to facilitate, witness, and hold space for the vulnerable reaching that occurs between partners during the workshop. At our Hold Me Tight couples workshop, in a safe, intimate, private setting, we hold space for couples to become vulnerable and open to explore, experience, touch and talk through issues that have been untouched. It is time set aside to have these conversations that have been waiting for a long time to happen.Hold Me Tight Workshop

At our Hold Me Tight relationship enhancement Workshop you will learn and experience how to:

• affirm strengths in your relationship by developing understanding and bonding
• address negative cycle patterns, and learn why they show up, and how to get out of them
• learn how to repair and forgive injuries, and become vulnerable with each other
• enhance your emotional, physical, and sexual closeness and INTIMACY
Owen Marcus, MA, author, workshop facilitator and TEDxTalk presenter on Masculine Emotional Intelligence, will once again be assisting me in the workshop. Owen brings with him decades of experience leading and facilitating men’s group all over the country in helping men access their masculine vulnerability.  Owen’s presence and his work with couples and men will enhance this upcoming Hold Me Tight workshop by offering his depth, support and perspective to the couples in our workshop.

Here are the links to Owen’s work:
Owen’s TEDX talk: What 10,000 Years Of Progress Has Cost.


Please sign up and register a.s.a.p… our Hold Me Tight workshops are Sold-Out weeks in advance !!!

Blessings for the upcoming spring…

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”
~ Anaïs Nin

with warm regards,

~ Dalia

(530) 692 0680