Hold Me Tight® Couples Workshops

Hold Me Tight® Couples Workshop. Nevada City, CA.

April 4-5, 2020

A while ago, as I was preparing and setting up for our October Hold Me Tight® Couples Workshop, I looked around the room, and felt immense gratitude for the opportunity to lead this workshop and to help couples reach a new level of intimacy in their relationship. It takes courage to sign up and show up to the workshop, as you know ‘things will come up’.

During the weekend, couples get a chance to dive deep into the cycle and dance of their relationship.  In the intimacy of the couple they get to talk to each other about their fears, needs, hope, and joys. Through teaching, learning, and experiential exercises, we cover raw spots, triggers,apologies,  forgiveness, sex, and the rituals they want to create in their relationship.

Couples learn to reach and connect in a whole new way, and they experience what it is to communicate from their vulnerable self. They get to understand where they get stuck and why, and how to get out of the cycles that keeps them going around and around.

As couples leave the workshop on Sunday evening, I feel that the risk it took to show up, was replaced with immense gratitude and love in a truly transformed relationship. In our closing circle Sunday afternoon, couples are sharing feelings of appreciation, inspiration and hope.

It is so important to take time to nourish and support each other, and invest in your relationship.

For those of you looking ahead, and wanting to connect deeply and meaningfully with your partner, here is your opportunity for a workshop that will bring CONNECTION and RENEWAL to your relationship. Come join us for our Hold Me Tight® Couples Workshop, April 4-5, 2020 .

Whether couples come to deal with painful issues such as infidelity and affairs, or to enhance what is good in their relationship, wanting to make it even better, our Hold Me Tight® Couples Workshop, is a safe place to understand your relationship, and learn how to reach FOR  each other in times of need, and communicate hopes, wants and needs.

We keep the workshop small and intimate, with no mandated ‘group work’, and with lots of time to work as a couple with the help of myself and Owen (who is a master in the work he does with men, helping them to open up to their vulnerability, and connect with their partner).

Hold Me Tight April 2020The workshop takes place Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm. We will be learning a lot, going deep into your relationship, there will be experiential exercises, presentations, time to share (if you wish), and time to play and have fun! We will be meeting in the group, but a lot of the work will be done in the intimacy of the couple.
We provide coffee, tea, continental breakfast, fruits, and snacks through-out the day, we break for an hour lunch.


The location for our next Hold Me Tight workshop will be at conference center of the Grass Valley Courtyard Suites. It is a wonderful venue located in Down Town Grass Valley. It has a lovely garden and grounds, http://www.gvcourtyardsuites.com/

Some couples find it a unique opportunity to make the weekend into a retreat. Shall you wish to stay in the hotel. you can call and ask to speak with Mandy or Danielle, they will make sure you get the special rate for the weekend. (there are also charming airb&b around Nevada City and Grass Valley).

The workshop is packed with education, information, presentations, experiential exercises, and much much more.

Processing is done in the privacy of the couples, and when we connect as a group, sharing is optional.

This is a great opportunity to have a deeper and vulnerable look at your relationship,

It is also a beautiful time to connect and highlight the strengths of your relationship, and built on the positive that already exist.

This work is based on Sue Johnson’s Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT)

Dr. Johnson’s work is based on attachment and how it shapes our intimate connections.

Sue Johnson’s Hold Me Tight, Seven Conversation for a LIFETIME of Love. http://www.drsuejohnson.com/books/hold-me-tight/.

At our Hold Me Tight relationship enhancement Workshop you will learn and experience how to:

  • Affirm strengths in your relationship by developing understanding, communication, and bonding.
  • Address negative cycle patterns, and learn why they show up, and how to get out of them.
  • Learn how to repair and forgive injuries, and become vulnerable with each other.
  • Enhance your emotional, physical, and sexual closeness, and INTIMACY
You will also be able to:
  • Make sense of your own as well as your partner’s emotions.
  • Forgive injuries that keep you from really opening up with your partner.
  • Communicate your emotional needs for connection.
  • Establish a secure and intimate bond for one another.
  • Restore commitment and hope.
  • Decrease isolation, distance and loneliness.
  • Learn to manage intense and negative emotion.
  • Rebuild safety and trust (where there has been trauma).

Here is what John Gottman says about Sue’s work:

“At last, a road map through Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy with its creator. Dr. Johnson’s superb science, humor, and clinical wisdom are finally accessible to all of us. I couldn’t pick a smarter, warmer, and more real guide for this journey.”

John Gottman, Ph.D., author of The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

I am excited to announce that Owen Marcus, MA,  author, workshop facilitator, and TEDxTalk presenter on Masculine Emotional Intelligence, will once again be assisting me leading the workshop.

Owen brings with him the width of decades of leading and facilitating men’s group all over the country, helping men access their masculine vulnerability.  Owens presence, and his work with couples and men, will enhance this upcoming Hold Me Tight workshop.  Here are the links to Owen’s work:

Owen’s TEDX talk: What 10,000 Years Of Progress Has Cost | Owen Marcus | TEDxSpokane

here is a link to my blog about the workshop

As we keep the groups small and intimate,  I will encourage you to sign up ASAP. 

All of our previous workshops have been Sold-Out!

To register please go to: http://daliaanderman.com/workshops/

Please call or email me with any questions or for more information

We are looking forward to sharing, connecting, working, and having a great weekend with all of you.

We welcome people of all backgrounds, ages, faiths and sexual orientations.

We’ve received encouraging and inspiring testimonials from our last workshop:

“A fabulous opportunity to look at your relationship with a whole new lens.”

“Dalia and Owen are an amazing team. Their insights, care, and experience carry the group on an adventure of the heart that surprises, opens, deepens, and enriches.”

“…Hold Me Tight is an incredible workshop that will help you better connect with your partner, sometimes in ways that can transform your life.”

“HMT gave our marriage a new life I don’t think it would have had otherwise. I felt connected to my husband again for the first time in years after our first workshop. We came back this year because despite our progress, there are still layers of our onion to unpeel and can use the “adult supervision” provided by Owen and Dalia. The structure of this weekend brings about a deeper connection – one we hope to take home and draw from throughout our marriage.”

“I love the men’s work. I love the space you create – safe, warm, comfortable, calm – that allows us to feel vulnerable. I did not like the workshop, I loved the workshop and it has certainly given our relationship the rituals, structure, and reboot needed to rebuild our love.”

“I’ve come before and I will likely come again. Dalia runs these workshops so seamlessly. She creates a place where people can be vulnerable so they can try things they would never do alone. And Owen gave me my first glimpse of masculinity as I’d like to practice it, versus how I do act as a man. The two of them have given my wife and I more time to heal and improve. I will be seeking out Owen and Dalia again.”  
Note: “Hold Me Tight®” is a registered trademark to Sue Johnson
Please do not hesitate to call or email me with ANY questions you have or to get more information.