New-Year's Resolutions

Is One of Your New-Year’s Resolutions – A Fulfilling Relationship?

Happy New-Year to all of us!  May 2018 bring satisfying and fulfilling Love!! Its the New Year. We hopefully wake up on the morning of January 1, 2018, with feelings that here is a New-Year, and with the desire and belief that maybe, this time, we can somehow ‘turn our life around’… Whether it is a resolution or hope, some…

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The darkest day of the yea

Bringing Light to the Darkest Day of the Year

Recently I had my own dark night. Not heeding my own ‘advice’ about coping with holiday stress, I tried to power through all the symptoms of what I thought was a flu, only to find myself diagnosed with pneumonia.. It was scary. I have never been that sick, and felt that darkness of helplessness and needing to rely on others…

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This Holiday Give the Gift of Connection to Your Loved One

Give the Gift of Connection

This Holiday Give the Gift of Connection to Your Loved One When was the last time you had a deep, intimate, vulnerable, conversation with your partner? Let alone Seven (7) Conversations.. This Holiday, GIVE each other THE GIFT OF LOVE and INTIMACY. At our Hold Me Tight® Couples Workshop, in a safe, intimate, private setting, we hold space for couples…

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