Dancing through our relationship panic

Dancing through our relationship panic

We are all longing for that ‘safety in connection’, for that sense that we can let go of our anxieties, relax, knowing that we are held and witnessed. We want to know that ‘I am safe with you’, that when I need you, you will be there for me, and you have my back. We all need that. Read more…

Loneliness: The Silent Epidemic by Dalia Anderman, MFT.

Loneliness: The Silent Epidemic

In an era where so much connection is possible and the world is at our fingertips, where we have virtual reality connections via Skype or face-time or emails or tweets or texts, where all day long we hear pings and notifications and alerts that someone is ‘connecting with us’, research says that we are more lonely than ever. Read more…

Forgiveness – Is It Even Possible?

The Freedom in Forgiveness and the Power of Apology “Forgiveness is not always easy. At times, it feels more painful than the wound we suffered, to forgive the one that inflicted it. And yet, there is no peace without forgiveness.” – Marianne Williamson We will hurt the ones we love. Our loved ones will hurt us. It is how to…

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Setting intentions and the fear of commitment

At the end our last (sold out!) Hold Me Tight couples workshop in Nevada City, we created a ritual where each one of the couples gave an appreciation and expressed gratitude to their partners, made a commitment and set an intention, for and about their relationship. It was a touching moment, many eyes got tearful. It struck a cord with many of the couples. Dreams were remembered, hopes were rekindled.

Intimate conversations with your partner

When was the last time you had a deep, intimate, vulnerable, conversation with your partner? Keeping your love alive, your communication with your partner intimate and transparent, and your sex life juicy and vibrant can be challenging. Most of us are just too busy. We have careers to pursue, jobs to attend to, finances to figure out, deadlines to keep, kids…

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Waking Up to Your Full Sexual Potential

Spring is here – are you ready to tap into the abundance of your sexual energy? Yes. Spring is here, no question.. the flowers are bursting with colors, the poppies are flaming the hillside, the bees are humming in frenzy, the sacred Yuba River is flowing with abundance our much-needed water. Nature is alive. And so are we. As we awake…

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Couples Workshop Nevada City

Are the ‘Reds’ of Valentine’s Day Giving you the ‘Blues’?

Reaching to the Full Potential of Your Relationship ♥ Hold Me Tight Couples Workshop ♥ Nevada City, California ♥ March 2016 As the decorations of Valentine’s Day start flooding every grocery store and shopping center window, it reminds us of our own “valentines.” At times, it starts to nag on us that ‘here it is again,’ the holiday of LOVE.  Am I ready…

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Happy New Year from Dalia Anderman, MFT

If We Don’t Know Where We Are Going, We May Never Get There

Making New Year resolutions that stick… (and new couple’s workshop coming in March, 2016) If you are like me, right around the middle of December, as the Solstice approaches, the darkness sets in and I go inward, getting in touch with the promises I have made myself about the changes I’ve wanted to make. Then there is the big New Year’s Eve…

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The HOLIDAY season often brings unwelcome guests – STRESS!

How to find light when darkness is around us, and how do we turn to loved ones to get comfort? Lately in my practice I have been noticing, that as the beauty of Fall gives way to the dark of Winter, as the days get shorter and the temperatures drop, that for some, when this seasonal change begins, it comes with a…

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You are here by Dalia Anderman, MFT

You Are Here!! Now… Where Do You Want to Go?

How is it that traveling and psychotherapy are related? ‘Long time ago’ when we traveled we use to use maps.. Yes, those paper folded treasures, which you opened as you stepped out into the unknown city streets, looking for the nearest coffee shop or simply to know ‘where you are’. Now there’s google maps, and citymapper apps on your smart…

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