Are the ‘Reds’ of Valentine’s Day Giving you the ‘Blues’?

Reaching to the Full Potential of Your Relationship ♥ Hold Me Tight Couples Workshop ♥ Nevada City, California ♥ March 2016


As the decorations of Valentine’s Day start flooding every grocery store and shopping center window, it reminds us of our own “valentines.” At times, it starts to nag on us that ‘here it is again,’ the holiday of LOVE.  Am I ready for it…?

For many of us, it also triggers the longing and wanting for a better relationship with our partner.

  • Are you ready to experience a stronger couple connection? 
  • Are you longing for more intimacy, bonding and sexual ecstasy?
  • Are you wanting to communicate in new ways that promote better understanding and closeness?
  • Are you and your partner caught in endless cycles of the same fights with different topics or narratives?

In the past few weeks I have had many inquiries about the Hold Me Tight workshop and “how it works.” Perhaps by providing some understanding of what we do at our workshop, it will help reveal the mystery of couples’ therapy.

Dr. Sue Johnson developed the Hold Me Tight program based on Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and her bestselling book, Hold Me Tight, Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love.

separationWe will be applying core concepts from Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT), the most successful couple therapy model substantiated by research. Working through 7 Conversations, couples will learn about the new science of love and explore new ways of moving out of old negative cycles that keep them stuck and disconnected.

In the many conversations and experiential exercises in the workshop:

  • You and your partner will ignite your romantic fire by experiencing new ways of connecting.
  • We talk about how to forgive old injuries, heal wounds of rejection, abandonment, and infidelity.
  • We learn to access the underlying emotions that support the reactivity in the cycle.
  • We visit past events that have become unresolved issues, and create change events.
  • We learn to talk about sex, intimacy, and what is blocking us from living to our sexual potential.
  • We create rituals and talk about how to maintain the breakthrough of the weekend.

Hold Me Tight Workshop Flyer 2016

The work we do in our HMT workshop gives couples a map, a way to understand their negative cycles, and endless conflict patterns, and help them find a way out of the desperation of fights.

In the workshop we work to identify the steps that lead you to the Dance that keeps you both stuck in the same patterns over and over again. We name the negative cycle, we learn how to communicate about the challenges we get stuck in, and we see more clearly where it hijacks the relationship over and over again.

We can then help each other claim the moves in the dance, identify what keep us paralyzed in those negative patterns, and learn to move you into a new dance of connection, forgiveness, and renewed love and intimacy.

In the workshop we help you both understand where your partner is coming from, how did you lose that path of connection, and how to find the way back to each other.

The focus of EFT is to help partners understand more clearly each other’s deepest emotions. Feelings are often hidden, unexpressed or misunderstood. Our relationships can be a cause of stress and pain or a source of comfort and joy. In the HoldMeTight workshops, we help couples learn how to deal with their feelings together, reach towards each other, and be responsive in more loving and positive ways.

In these Hold Me Tight Couples Weekends, we create a safe, supportive, and encouraging environment to explore your relationship.

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You and your partner will get to work together to strengthen your relationship through a series of discussions, experiential exercises, videos and teachings. You will have the option to share and process your discoveries as you are making them, but you will not be required to share your process with the group. Either way, we will be there to guide you to a closer more intimate relationship.

Couples can reveal to each other their longing for safety and closeness and talk with each other about their fear and vulnerability.

The tools you learn will continue to serve your relationship long after this weekend. Couples have said in their testimonials that the focus and intensity of the workshop gave their relationship such a boost, even more powerful then ongoing couples therapy.

Many couples leave the Hold Me Tight workshops feeling accepted, supported, understood, and loved.

IMG_2534The workshop has supported couples of all ages, gender, or sexual and relational orientation.

The schedule of the workshop is from Friday evening to Sunday evening. We break for snacks, lunch, breathing… and of course you get to spend the night Saturday night, in between the workshop days, together, having fun and not processing the material.

(We can help you with local hotel reservation in our beautiful serene town of Nevada City).

For any questions or inquiries please contact me at:

Phone: 530 692 0680
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Cost: $595 per couple; Early Bird Registration By August 31 only $495 per couple.

If you would like to register, visit and fill out the registration form or call me.