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Dalia Anderman, MFT. Licensed Marriage Family Therapist

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Reviews and Testimonials from my practice during the past years

Dalia Anderman, MFT. Reviews and Testimonials

Here are some of the testimonials, evaluations, and reviews about my practice in Sacramento and Nevada City as well as from the Hold Me Tight® Workshops.

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~ Dalia

“My partner and I were beginning to lose hope, and were going to just give up, when we decided to just give it another chance.. In the Hold Me Tight® workshop, we were able to look at each others deep insecurities and realize how fear had taken over our relationship.. We realized we had work to do, but that we didn’t need to lose each other… WOW.. Thanks to you!..”

  • Hold Me Tight® Workshop. ~ M&C. Bay Area. California.

“Very glad that I took the courage and phoned you! My family noticed immediately a change in my emotional state right after coming the first time from you office in Sacramento. Thank you Dalia!”

  • Individual Counseling. Sacramento Office. ~ M. Roseville. California.

“You are an incredible team. I love how you keep it real and seeing that we all have ‘issues’. This is by far the best program we have ever attended, and we are going to recommend it to every couple we know, even if you feel your marriage is great..” 

  • Hold Me Tight® Workshop. ~ R & M. Reno. Nevada.

“Thank you both for the great class this past weekend. Thank you for your intervention. We both felt that neither of us was all in and it was blocking us from the true love that we both feel for each other. My eyes were opened when you said the word sacred about our bond that we have.. Thank you again! I look forward to a long, healthy life with her!”

  • Hold Me Tight® Workshop. ~ B. Sandpoint. Idaho.

“After almost a year of seeing you every week I can say goodbye. Happy because my phobias are gone! Not so happy because I will miss your counseling. Thank you for not giving up on me! Best luck to you Dalia.”

  • Individual Counseling. Nevada City Office. ~ H. Grass Valley. California.

“We learned that being vulnerable is the best thing we can do for each other. It was a very delightful and very productive workshop, and it was also so much fun!!. This is an excellent workshop that will bring you closer as a couple. Dalia’s knowledge and experience helped us feel close, and be so much more vulnerable then I could imagined! You wont regret it! It will make your relationship so much better.”

  • Hold Me Tight® Workshop. ~ J. and A. Fairfield. California.

“Superb workshop. Helped us learn new skills and connect on a deeper level. Highly recommended.”

  • Hold Me Tight® Workshop. ~ A. Italy and SF. California.

“The Hold Me Tight® workshop” was worth the investment. a safe place to open up to my partner on a deeper level. I am so grateful for this opportunity. I am grateful to this space and I know that it was an important step in taking our marriage from good to great.”

  • Hold Me Tight® Workshop. ~ J & J. Carson City. Nevada.

“Stuck in the same old patterns? This workshop will help you learn how to safely break those patterns and feel great about your relationship. Give your selves the gift of this workshop. Do your self the favor and go for it. It will change your life.”

  • Hold Me Tight® Workshop. ~ R. & M. Tijuana. Mexico.

” Now I can say thank you to my wife that pushed me to visit you. It took a while but you did it Dalia! We both really appreciate your help. I know now that without help I will be a divorced man. Thanks again!”

  • Couples Therapy. Sacramento Office. ~ R. Concord. California.

My partner and I attended Dalia’s EFT Couple’s workshop a few months ago.
We went to the workshop in order to find ways to better communicate, and get past the “challenging moments” that continued to cycle around in our relationship.

The workshop provided a structured way to visit hard topics, and touch upon places within each of us that were sore spots and wounded areas in a conscious way. The environment was well supported and contained, and I felt that when my partner and I hit bumps in our communication that either Dalia or her assistant were able to hold space and guide us through it. Cultivating intimacy is never easy or comfortable, but after moving through the challenging moments during the workshop I was reminded of it’s rewards. Dalia’s grounded presence is infectious and penetrates those parts of us that want to stay hidden and tucked away. Once those parts are revealed, they can be healed!

After the workshop was over, my partner and I felt more connected and left with a deeper understating of the inner processes within each of us. We also noticed that we had more compassion for each other and the struggles we each go through to love one another.

I highly recommend taking Dalia’s workshop and learning how EFT can assist you and your partner to develop a deeper bond and more awareness of how to love and hold each other wounded parts. This work is invaluable! Thank you for the beautiful, deep work you do for your community!

  • Hold Me Tight® Workshop. ~ CM. California.

“Dalia and Owen really held a solid container for my partner and I to dive into our most vulnerable work. Through modeling and experiences this workshop stands out as a safe way for couples to stop painful patterns and find connections back to love and intimacy. I highly recommend this retreat. Wonderful, wonderful experience. Thank you for the depth and attentiveness – excellent job!” 

  • Hold Me Tight® Workshop. ~ J & M. Palo Alto. CA.

“I felt true connection with my husband for the first time in years by the end of the first day. It surprised me.

Hold Me Tight® provides a great way to learn about patterns in our relationship with tools to unpack the issues and find common ground.

Investing in happiness and the love I have for the people I care for. A great experience to share with the love of your life.”

  • Hold Me Tight® Workshop. ~ S & S. Sidney. Australia.

“Anyone who really wants to be better connected to their partner will benefit for this workshop. Whether young, old, in a happy relationship or a troubled one, this workshop is of huge value to your loving connection.”

  • Hold Me Tight®Workshop. ~ Janet. Reno. Nevada.

“A mentally exhausting, serious exercise in fun.

Dalia and Owen create a safe environment to explore the dark corners of your relationship and to celebrate the bonds you already have.

Taking this workshop will not be easy or even necessarily pleasant, but it is the most important thing I have done for my relationship and myself in twenty years and it has made me excited about the future of my relationship.”

  • HMT Workshop.  ~ N & M. Mendocino. California

“Even after reading the book, twice!, it was Dalia who presented and explained the important conversations that open the door for me to understand how, where to break through to a new way of understanding and hearing my wife without feeling blamed by her.

It really helped us open up and share feelings and fears and forced us to work together as a couple.”

  • Hold Me Tight® Workshop. ~ Tony. Salt Lake City. Utah.

“I’m really happy that we, as a couple, decided to devote a weekend to this workshop. I feel closer and more connected to my spouse than I have in years. I feel more prepared to deal with future conflicts with compassion and empathy.”

  • HMTW. ~ A couple from Sacramento. CA.

“Having been married for over 20 years, and even with that mostly being a good marriage, there remains room to grow and things to learn about ourselves and each other. Thank you and Owen for facilitating our growth.”

  • Hold Me Tight® Workshop. ~ J & J. Grass Valley. CA.

“I liked opening up and feeling vulnerable. I liked learning from others who are as imperfect as I am. I liked having clearly defined conversations that all built on each other, and got harder and harder. I especially liked being surprised. I was dreading this weekend, but I loved every minute. Divorce is expensive and this was an incredible investment. You and Owen are incredible facilitators – warm and approachable.”

  • Hold Me Tight® Workshop. ~ S & R. Bay Area. CA.

Thank you for a weekend full of hard work, difficult conversations, growth and tools to move forward. Your work is valued and made a difference for us & so many others!

  • Hold Me Tight® Workshop. ~ B & S. California

Thank you both from the bottom of my heart! what a powerful weekend and I also was so touched with the beautiful sacred ritual to end our time together… It was fun to watch the body language of the participants from when they first showed up – many so distanced from each other and at the end everyone was holding hands, leaning into their partners and so many tears of love!!
Powerful and profound work- thank you!!

  • Hold Me Tight® Workshop. ~K & R. Chico. CA.

I am very lucky to have great co-facilitators for my Hold Me Tight Workshops. both Figs and Owen, do AMAZING magic helping couples access their vulnerabilities and deep emotions, and move through breakdowns to breakthroughs. ~ Dalia

Here are some of our testimonials for our last October 2017 Hold Me Tight® Couples Workshop:

“The Hold Me Tight Workshop taught me how to feel safe. It gave me the tools to work on my marriage and I do believe my marriage will thrive because of it. I feel more confident in myself and my partner that we can conquer the rough times.”

“This workshop is extremely helpful and very beneficial to any couples going through a rough time in their relationship. The counselors are wonderful and incredibly experienced and understanding of your situation and do the best to help give you tools to make your relationship better. 5 stars!”
“This is a great opportunity to learn about yourself, your partner, and your relationship. The workshop provides tools to set you up with a framework to continue important, difficult conversations at home, and in a safe place.”

“It was difficult for me to put myself out there, to be vulnerable. It turned out to be a beautiful experience.”
“This workshop was a positive and beautiful experience for me and my spouse. It gave us the opportunity to open up and be vulnerable and have deep conversations. Dalia and Figs were fantastic facilitators. This workshop would benefit any relationship, at whatever stage they are in.”

“Dalia’s style is bar none. As a therapist attending the workshop I felt completely safe to take off my own therapist hat and just be a partner in my relationship. She augments the workshop materials with amazing insights. Most of all she models authenticity and vulnerability. The safety one feels makes it easy to do the work.”


Hold Me Tight Workshop

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  • Juan Carlos Gomez

    Knowing the dynamics of these workshops as well as knowing Dalia, I can warrantee that after the weekend you will come out with a different emotional perception of your partner.